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PLEASE NOTE: I only create one-off pieces as I want my clients to own a piece of work that no one else has, so if it says sold -then, that's it. I WILL however, create a piece that is similar, but again this will be unique, (sleight differences in illustration, shape, stones, hangings etc.) As I want everyone to have an original creation. I mainly work sterling silver but also with re-cycled mixed media materials so some imperfections might appear - but it adds to the interest, I really want my work to look timeless and ancient. I accept private commissions, and am happy to discuss taking an existing design and adapting for an individual finish. My work in this gallery changes all the time as I add and sell pieces constantly - so keep coming back - who knows what you might find!

IMPORTANT UPDATE currently the shop is closed for new orders due to health reasons, there are a few items awaiting a new home so email me at info@thedancingcrow.co.uk to see if they are still available before you try to shop online.  Jack and the ‘Crow will be back very soon with a new range of work that is better than ever, so keep an eye on what’s happening xx!

Important update 2: Due to customs and Brexit we’re not exporting to the EU until both sides get their acts together - sorry

“The Sign of the Dancingcrow ” a new approach to shopping in a Covid world, please check out the page “The sign of the Dancingcrow” for more information

Notice for chains, I hang the majority of my work from a 400 mm 3 mm trace chain (this is roughly a 16 inch chain). I double string my chains for visual effect and safety. Due to the fact that the major of my clients order over the Internet I’m not there to measure a clients neck. The majority of my work will sit just below the hollow of the neck and on the upper chest of the wearer. Instead of traditional jump rings soldered closed I use split rings, this allows for the user to adjust the length accordingly by unwinding the chain from the jump ring cutting the chain with a pair of wire cutters and then rewinding the chain onto the jumping. If you want a special length of chain please mention this when ordering, thank you.



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