'Jewellery with a Tale' - Shiny Things and Magical Rings

We all love shiny and pretty jewellery but too often it's just that 'simply, shiny and pretty' without any substance and feeling, little to separate one piece from another. I aim to rebel against this, I want to create work that inspires and ignites the imagination as well as stand out from the crowd. My jewellery is not for the faint hearted, it's big work for big personalities. My work is for those who don't want to be typecast by tradition and convention - women wear delicate necklaces and men wear big chains and rings, my view? wear what you like, don't let others tell you your tastes, if you're a six foot guy who wants to wear a collar of golden oak leaves don't let anyone stop you!

My work is inspired by my narratives as well as myths and folktales, hares and wolves (naturally!) horse goddesses, owls, ravens, star bears and reindeer gods have all featured in my work as well as many other magical creatures. I want to create work that looks and feels as if it has a story attached to it, that it might be part of a dragon's horde or a talisman to open a door to a magical realm - that you as the wearer of the piece are part of that grand story.

I love creating collars, torcs and necklaces, but also armlets and bracelets, rings and headdresses. Headdresses, yes, although more like crowns of power, many of my clients are from our pagan community and as such want something different and magical for ceremonies and gatherings, so crowns of copper oak leaves and silver hares have appeared, if you are a pagan and you want something special, please contact me, you can be assured that you are dealing with someone who understands and respects your privacy.

Like my other 'interesting things' I work with a multitude of materials, reclaimed copper and brass feature heavily in my work, hand etched and tinted with lime of Sulphur to darken the work to counter-balance and add interest to the highly polished metal, and sealed to prevent vertigris and any colour changes caused by time. I love turquoise and amber, so they feature in my work, as do other precious, semi-precious stones - as well as hand-made clay beads, precious metal clay, natural elements and objet trouve. Any of my designs can also be made in precious materials as I am registered with Goldsmith's Hall and have my own assay mark, so you can be sure that you are buying the right weight of gold and silver, price is usually on application as bullion goes up and down on a daily basis - but as a rule of thumb, take the cost of a design and add the current cost of bullion, plus a small handling charge.

So if you want jewellery for a hand-fasting or a wedding, something to wow someone special or a piece of work that you love to wear you're in the right place, although I can't guarantee magic!