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At the Sign of The Dancingcrow

Welcome to my world, a world of lighted-fingered hares, wicked wolves and other 'interesting things'

Welcome to the world of light-fingered hares, wicked wolves & other 'interesting things'

What are "interesting things", or the world of the Dancingcrow? – Well, we’ll come to that one later, as to what you will find here, hopefully something that will interest you, enchant you, transport you to the realm of myth & creativity, provide you with inspiration for your own work & maybe leave taking an artefact with you!

There are two main strands to the rich tapestry that is the dancingcrow, both are important to me as a 'creator of interesting things' and both are intricately interwoven, they are - maker and  narratist, there is little difference in the end product, - it is the narrative thread that connects the 'creator' and the 'audience', sometimes this will be a 'hard' artefact, like a silver collar, a copper armlet, a golden mirror, or sterling silver casket, whatever it will be, there will be a contract with the beholder, drawing them into the narrative and encouraging them to take the piece of work and make it their own, through the use of their imagination.

Welcome to the world of wicked wolves & light-fingered hares - enjoy your stay!