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“Winter waits”


One for those lucky enough to have magnificent think, long hair! This beautiful hair (or should that be hare?) comb is designed to sit atop a think ponytail or another bunched hair - of if you don’t have the hair you can just gloat over it! This is surely the piece for the wedding or the event of the year, for someone to walk into a room and who wants to make an entrance! It features two running hares and is hand engraved with a poem and naive oak leaves. It is finished with natural amber cabochons.
  • 80 mm wide
  • 95 mm long
  • 55 mm long tines
  • 1 x 8 mm amber domed cabochon
  • 2 x 6 mm amber domed cabochons
  • Two running hares
  • Hand engraved
  • Poem on the reverse
Poem on the reverse reads “Winter waits and comes too soon, so come, come and dance with me beneath an amber moon”

N.B. The tines are blunted to avoid injury and they are splaye dot prevent falling out of hair, the piece is slightly curved to follow the curve of the head