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‘Stormchaser, windrunner, quick of hoof, thunderer lightening eyed’ one for all the lovers of horses. Inspired by the art of ancient Scythia, those wild tribes that are mentioned in the writing so the ancient Greeks. This cuff would look great on either a man or a woman - as long as they are wild and free! Two hand formed and engraved horse lie sleeping awaiting the awakening! Three beautiful gold flecked lapis lazuli take centre stage and they are surrounded by hand engraved oak leaves. finished inside with a prayer to all the horses!
  • approx 70 mm at the widest
  • 50 mm at the narrowest 
  • 20 mm thick
  • Constructed from 1.2 mm sterling silver throughout
  • Hand engraved horses are approx 50 mm wide and 20 mm deep
  • 1 x 8 mm gold flecked lapis lazuli domed cabochon
  • 2 x 6 mm gold flecked lapis lazuli domed cabochon
  • Hand engraved hand leaves
  • Prose on the inside
the inside is hand inscribed  - Stormchaser, windrunner, quick of hoof, thunderer, lightening eyed

A powerful piece!!


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