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‘Thought and Memory’


Odin the.  all-father had two ravens called Huginn and one called Munin, and everyday Odin set them out to fly the world and bring news back to him. Huginn’s name meant ‘Thought’ and Munin’s name meant ‘Memory’- so be careful what you think about…. A stunning cuff made from 1.2 mm sterling silver with two applied ravens, hand engraved throughout with detail on the ravens and leaves for the world tree. Finished with three Lapis Lazuli stones (i is 8 mm domed cabochon and the other two are 6 mm0 all three are set in silver fittings. The piece is 15 mm wide and the overall dimensions are approx 60 mm by 50 mm.

  • 1.2 mm sterling silver throughout
  • Two hand engraved applied ravens
  • 1 x 8 mm domed Lapis Lazuli cabochon
  • 2 x 6 mm domed lapis Lazuli cabochons
  • Hand engraved throughout
A STUNNING piece fit for a god


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