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The Tale of the Amber Wolf


‘Tale of the Amber Wolf’ draws inspiration from a creation myth about how the stars were created, by the Amber Wolf howling into the snow filled darkness and his hot breath melting the snow flakes and forming the stars! This pieces features a hand engraved running wolf drawing it’s visual appearance from my Scandinavian heritage and is finished with an ancient piece of natural amber set in a sterling silver mount. This piece is designed to sit on the upper portion of the chest and the neck, it is comfortable to wear and is easily adjustable with a little light pressure, it slides on around the wearer’’’s neck.

  • 130 mm diameter
  • 240 mm in length
  • Collar constructed from 2.4 mm square sterling silver
  • Wolf constructed from 1.2 mm silver
  • Brushed stain finish
  • 55 mm hand engraved running wolf
  • natural amber  set in sterling silver 40 mm x 22 mm x 12 mm (approx)
This is the ideal piece for those with a passion for the wildness of nature!


Category Collars