‘Summer’s End II’


Another wonderful amber and Ivy ring suitable for a woman or a man, natural amber approx 3 cm in length set in resin within a handmade silver bezel surmounted by two hand formed curled silver ivy leaves cut from 1.2 mm silver sheet, The ring shank itself is 15 mm wide and is 1.2 mm thick, hand hammered and formed for a natural shape. This piece feels as if it is from the mists of the ancient world and has a magical quality to it.
  • Natural amber 20 mm x 15 mm x 5 mm
  • Beautiful colour and warm tones
  • 2 hand formed and curled ivy leaves 20 mm
  • 20 mm diameter
  • 15 mm shank
  • Constructed from 1.2 sterling silver

Category Rings