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“Ravens of Odin”


“Ravens of Odin” is quite a delicate piece probable suited a lighter build, this piece features two, layered and hand engraved ravens drawing visual inspiration from my Scandinavian heritage. The ravens (which measure 40 mm in length) pay homage to the all-seeing eye of the all-father Odin, here represented by an 8 mm round and domed black Onyx. This piece is double strung on 3 mm trace chain for visual strength and security. Constructed with 1.2 mm sterling silver throughout  and assayed at Golsmsith’\s hall in London.
  • 85 mm overall width
  • 20 mm deep 
  • Approx 4 mm thick
  • 40 mm hand engraved ravens
  • 8 mm domed black onyx cabochon
The perfect offering for the shieldmaiden in your life!


Category Necklaces