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‘I saw the spirit of the woods’


This is truly a magical cuff full of power and mystery, this piece was inspired by seeing a red deer step onto a forest pathway just in front of me, and he stood there watching me as two hinds silently glided from one bunch of brush to another, then when they had vanished onto the he greenery, he turned away and followed them - an experience I wil NEVER forget. Constructed from 1.2 mm sterling silver throughout. And finished with the poem inside
  • Approc 60 mm x 50 mm interior measurements
  • 20 mm wide cuff
  •  4 x oak leaves approx 25 mm each
  • 1 x 8 mm Baltic amber domed cabochon
  • 2 x 6 mm Baltic amber domed cabochons
The poem inside reads ‘ I saw the spirit of the words in oaken hallowed grove, her breath rose on winter’s breeze.  A crack of twig, in a heartbeat she was gone.’

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