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“Her wings were of Midnight and stars VI” (non-articulated)


This is the second incarnation of “her wings were of midnight and stars VI”, here I was aiming for a much more a ‘classical’ Roman British feel, some thing that harked back to before the dark ages, something that had a feel of the natural world and a grand heritage. This second piece features a chain of oak leaves engraved with a smaller oak leaves and terminate to to rough hand forged silver finials to represent the feel of a torc, it is hand engraved on the back with the legend “Her wings were of midnight and stars which is surrounded by naive engraved stars, the owl herself, is beautifully engraved to reveal the majesty of her flight.

This piece is non-articulated, so it sits beautifully against the upper part of the wearer’s cheat it is double strung on an adjustable 340 mm (14 inch) for presence and security.
  • 130 mm wide
  • Approx 80mm deep
  • Constructed from 1.2 mm sterling silver throughout
  • Two hand formed and engraved owls approx 30 mm x 40 mm
  • Hand forged rustic end finials
  • Oak clusters engraved with stars and leaves
  • Poem on reverse
The poem on the reverse reads; “Her wings were of midnight and stars”


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