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“Her wings were of midnight and stars VI” 9 (articulated)


My studio backs onto open fields, where, if you’re lucky you get he opportunity to watch barn owls quartering the fields and hunting for mice and voles, it’s a rare opportunity nowadays, but just as the sun has set and the moon is rising and the stars are beginning to shine, in that afterglow moment, you can still see those silent, ghostly hunters gliding quietly above the grass. This piece is articulated, so there’s some movement that adds interest, it’s finished with hand forged finials and double strung on an adjustable 400 mm (16 inch) for presence and security.
  • 150 mm wide
  • Approx 80 mm deep
  • Constructed from 1.2 mm sterling silver throughout 
  • Two hand formed and engraved owls approx 30 mm x 40 mm
  • Hand forged rustic end finials
  • Oak clusters engraved with stars and leaves
  • Poem on reverse
The poem on the reverse reads; “Her wings were of midnight and stars”

Category Necklaces