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A beautiful piece that is full of the spirals of the world and embracing nature, in this piece ivy leaves entwine around the central torc which terminates in two beautiful 6 mm amber domed cabochons. This piece has been ‘road tested’ for comfort and slips easily around the wearer’s neck and it nestles at base of the neck. The ivy leaves and stems can be positioned for the individual wearer’s comfort all the edges and points have been softened to avoid any surprises, and while looking sturdy it is light to wear. Constructed from sterling silver and assayed at Goldsmith’s Hall in London
  • 140 mm diameter
  • Constructed from 5mm round silver stock
  • 8 individually hand crafted ivy leaves  approx 15 mm
  • 1.2 mm square stock ‘stems’
  • 2 beautiful 5 mm amber domed cabochons

Category Collars