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‘Beneath the old Dark Oak’


This is one of a pair of cuff (I originally designed them to be sold as a pair and it would be great if they were). I wanted two pieces that looked ancient and careworn, darkened through the passage of time yet still full of the power of nature and life. I originally envisaged one of the cuffs to be masculine and one feminine but both are interchangeable.
  • constructed from 1.2 mm sterling silver
  • Bordered by 2 mm square cut Silver
  • Interior measures 60 mm at the widest, 50 mm at the narrowest (I have quite big wrists and they slip on okay)
  • Hand engraved with a repeat pattern of naive oak leaves
  • Patinated black/dark grey to give a careworn look
  • Two x 6 mm gold flecked lapis lazuli domed cabochons
Cuff 1: No cabochons - £275.00

Cuff 2: Two lapis cabochons £290.00

Both: £540.00