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“Aurum, the golden eyed”


So, a day off,spent learning how to fly birds of prey gave the inspiration for this piece - oh and a pair of earrings that were never collected and about to be recycled, looking deep into the eye of those magnificent creatures really gave one a sense of place and relationship with nature, and history, the birds we were training with all had Nordic names -so I had to bring in Nordic mythology and Thor’s hammer!
  • 100 mm wide
  • 50 mm deep
  • Approx 10 mm thick
  • Multi layered construction
  • Constructed from 1.2 mm sterling silver
  • 2 mm square silver structural supports
  • Two hawks 30 mm wide
  • I x 8 mm amber domed cabochon
  • Hand engraved
  • Brushed satin finish
Double strung on a 400 mm (16 inch) chain, this piece should sit just below the hollow of the neck.

Category Necklaces