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And the wolves began to chase the moon!


“And the Wolves”... is torc styled and harks back to our wild Romano-British history, two wild running wolves breaking the boundaries of the torc and a moon shaped torc holds it all together. Bordered in 2 mm square sterling silver and two different gauges of silver to add visual interest “And the Wolves” is suitable for either a man or a woman as it is strong in style yet doesn’t constrain the wearer..
  • 100 mm wide
  • Approx 45 mm deep
  • Approx 5 mm thick
  • Two hand formed running wolves 30 mm long
  • 1 x 8 mm amber domed cabochon
  • 2 x 6 mm black onyx cabochons
  • Hand engraved and then stained to give a patina of age
Double strung on an adjustable 360  (15 inch) 3 mm chain including the torc this is effectively 460 mm - it will sit just below the nape of the neck on the upper part of the chest.