And the wolves began to chase the moon!


“And the Wolves”... is torc styled and harks back to our wild Romano-British history, two wild running wolves breaking the boundaries of the torc and a moon shaped torc holds it all together. Bordered in 2 mm square sterling silver and two different gauges of silver to add visual interest “And the Wolves” is suitable for either a man or a woman as it is strong in style yet doesn’t constrain the wearer. Finished with an 8 mm round amber cabochon supported with two black as the night 6 mm black onyx round cabochons - all three are set in sterling silver bezels. The background to the ‘moon’ segment is hand engraved and then stain to add patina and visual interest. “And the Wolves” is approx 120 mm wide and is (like all my work) double strung on a 2.3 mm sterling silver chain for security and to add even more presence.