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“And so halcyon did dive into the world sea and bring forth the world”


based upon a creation myth that I’ve been working on for the past few months as well as an exploration of cold resign casting. “Halcyon” the name of the kingfisher was inspired by watching one of these brave little fellows diving into a fast flowing river and emerge, it seems an eternity, but was only seconds with a sparkling jewel like fish that it proceeded to greedily gulp down. In this creation myth there is no world just an endless raging river Halcyon is sent by the gods to bring forth the world from the depths of the raging waters. Here the world is represented by a beautiful, gold flecked lapis lazuli 6 mm domed cabochon.
  • 55 mm wide
  • 22 mm deep
  • Approx 5 mm thick
  • 6 mm gold flecked lapis lazuli domed cabochon
  • Cold resin casting
This piece (like all my work) is double strung on  an adjustable 400 mm  long 3 mm trace chain presence and security.