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An Enternal Rememberance of Honey


Long hot sleepy summers filled with the buzz of Honey Bees, a memory of a time now past. A wonderful piece of work, constructed from Copal a resin similar to amber. - but only about 3000 years old rather than 30,000,000! The resin has small inclusions of tiny insects, Copal has been used by First Nation people in Central American as a religious incense - it truly has a special feel. Highly polished and fitted with two protective end caps constructed from sterling silver, this piece is finished with a hand engraved and formed Honey Bee from a thick gauge of sterling silver that curls around the natural resin. The piece is approx. 6-7 cm wide, approx. 2-2’5 cm tall and approx. 1.5 cm deep. It is double hung from a sterling silver chain for security and comfort

Category Necklaces