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How the stars were created

A long time neveragowhen, the world was dark and covered in deep crisp snow the world was silent except for the cold wind that sounded through the forest that covered the world, and the constantly falling snow covered everything in a thick white blanket. In this time the great reindeer god Kroinos dwelt in the forest and he had created all things; the trees, the birds and all the animals in the world including man, yet the world was still dark and the only thing to light the world was the cold distant moon.

Now; Wolf came to Kroinos and said, ‘Great Kroinos, great creator we are grateful that you have made all the things in the world, but it’s terribly dark in the forest and no one can see to make their way amongst the trees, Owl is always complaining that he is flying into things, Badger has lost his set because he cannot see where it is, Man cannot find his way through the forest and gets lost, and I cannot see to hunt and am getting very hungry, isn’t there anything that you can do to make life easier for all of us in the forest?

Kroinos looked down at Wolf who was sitting before him and thought deeply, it was true that is was dark and it was still snowing, thick white flakes that drifted slowly down from the sky, and slowly covering Wolf and himself.

So, lifting his great head and antlers which were covered in a coat of thick white flakes, he slowly shook his head and the snow flew from his antlers and chased away into the night sky where they stayed and slowly, and yet faster and faster the flakes began to glow brighter and brighter, giving a light that brought shadows and form to the dark world.

And that was how the reindeer god Kroinos created the stars that still shine down on the frozen snow in the forest at winter.