Summer is high!

Been a little quiet of late, health issues and recovering from a hellishly busy jewellery show at Chelsea earlier on this year. However, new work is being produced and shows staked out for later in the year. My work has taken a new direction (everyone seems to be making hares nowadays) I wanted a new direction and I've been toying with an amorphous idea of rebooting a Romano-Celtic-British direction - not classical Roman nor Celtic-British but a re-imagining of both - drawing from the patterns of life - heavily influenced by nature and darkness of the forest, half seen boars in the mist, the sound of the raven in a storm tossed sky, an isolated farm - a little beacon of civilisation surrounded with wild darkness and chaos - a shamanic connection with the natural world. spirals on spirals echoing through tree, heart, soul - but also with a feel of the classical world colouring and sometimes softening the wildness. so yeah that's where I'm going, there will be less hares more boars/stags/leaves and more stone setting - this is Carnelian. It's the first stone I've properly set in a bezel from scratch for about 30 years (it needs a tidy up when I get a new burnisher) and it's surrounded by clusters of oak leaves which are etched with oak leaves and hand forget silver roundels (each roundel is about 6 grammes of silver - so the piece is heavy!)