'Print Narratives' - They say a pictures tells a thousand words, but it's the story that counts

I originally trained as an illustrator, for me this training has gifted me with the ability to provide evocative imagery to accompany textual content, but as with all my work myth, story and tales add their unique aspects to the work, often images will feature images within images - accentuating the narrative.

During my training  a great deal of time was spent experimenting with a wide range of techniques and for me one of my favourites was block printing, I love the way the cutters slice through the media - be it wood or lino - an ideal opportunity to make a mess! I produce my prints both with press and hand prints - which is my favourite technique, for me hand printing produces an intimacy that the press misses.

Traditional block printing techniques which date back centuries and result in unique, individual prints instead of uniformity, so, there may be blemishes & scars – so what? We all have a little wear & tear, I try to include this in the work – it’s earned its place in the finished print.

The finished prints are hand finished with precious gold and silver leaf or hand coloured to create affordable, individual prints.