'Interesting Things' - an eclectic 'crow and a passion to create

Whether you want an original piece of work like no other around, or something more useful, you should find something to interest you here, my work draws on myth & tale & individual elements of stories are brought forth from the text & feature as players in a visual drama designed to raise interest in the viewer!

As a maker I want to challenge preconceptions about the value of ‘art & craft’ & it was this stimulus that led me to combine recycled material with precious materials – so don’t be surprised to find a casket made from recycled cardboard & Papier-mâché yet finished in 24 carat gold & semi-precious opals – to me I want to ask the viewer is the work worth several hundred pounds because it is made of valuable materials or does the value lie in the design & thought processes behind it?

I source my material from a variety of places - I have used reclaimed beams from 17th century churches, sea washed glass, wind scared wood, old cans, ephemera - oh! The list goes on! As the mahority of material I use is reclaimed there is sometimes a 'roughness' to some aspects of the piece, I aim to show the viewer where the material came from, and include it's uniqueness, if you want something that is sterile and souless, then my work might not be for you, but if you want a piece of work that is original and unique then welcome friend.

I usually outlet my work through galleries or shows, as you really have to see the work to really appreciate, however if you interested in anything you see here, please contact me and we can arrange something. Also, there will be no two alike – people ask me to make another piece just like that – no, how would you feel if you spent a lot of money on a piece that you were told was unique that appeared elsewhere? So, no you are spending a lot of money on something that is a one off, that is based on years of research and study and experimentation and exploration and creativity, years of studying skills and techniques very rarely taught today and an openness to explore newness – enjoy!”